FreeRTOS task queue with static memory (xQueueCreateStatic) minimal example

Also see our previous post FreeRTOS task queue minimal example which also has examples for how to send & receive with a queue. The post you’re currently viewing is just about xQueueCreateStatic()

enum class MQTTTaskType : uint8_t {
    SendStatus = 0,

// This struct will be inserted into the queue
struct MQTTTask {
    MQTTTaskType task; // The type of work that is requested from the received
    // TODO add your custom fields here if requred

constexpr size_t MQTT_TASK_QUEUE_LENGTH = 6;
static QueueHandle_t mqttTaskQueue;
static StaticQueue_t mqttTaskQueueStatic;
static uint8_t mqttTaskQueueStorageArea[ MQTT_TASK_QUEUE_LENGTH * sizeof(MQTTTask) ];

void setup() {
    // Create task queue
    mqttTaskQueue = xQueueCreateStatic( MQTT_TASK_QUEUE_LENGTH,
                                 &mqttTaskQueueStatic );