KiCAD minimal pcbnew plugin example

The following python script is more or less the minimal example of a KiCAD pcbnew plugin from our previous post How to show wx dialog message in KiCAD pcbnew plugin.

#!/usr/bin/env python
import pcbnew
import wx

class DialogExamplePlugin(pcbnew.ActionPlugin):
    def defaults(self): = "Show dialog example"
        self.category = "A descriptive category name"
        self.description = "A description of the plugin and what it does"
        self.show_toolbar_button = False # Optional, defaults to False

    def Run(self):
        dlg = wx.MessageDialog(None, "Please select one or multiple footprints!\n...or use Ctrl+A to select everything.", "No footprints selected", wx.OK | wx.ICON_ERROR)

DialogExamplePlugin().register() # Instantiate and register to Pcbnew

You can place this plugin, for example, in


Don’t forget to refresh the plugins from the pcbnew menu.

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