TechOverflow: 2000 posts and counting

Not even two years after the 1000th blogpost, this is TechOverflow’s 2001th blog post – and certainly not the last one.

It took 8 years to reach 1000 posts and 7500 visitors a day – and not even two more years to reach up to 13200 visitors in one day (typical work days have around 12.5k visitors), with an upwards trend:

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This is TechOverflow’s 1000th published blogpost

Since 2012, TechOverflow is providing technology solutions in a variety of fields to the world. Since then, we have reached up to 7500 visitors on a single day and reached multiple millions of technology.

Come what may, the next 8 years will be awesome, with new solutions, more topics, more languages and videos!

Visitor map in 2020

Visitor map on 2020-12-29

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