How to install veeam agent on Ubuntu

You need to create an veeam account and login to access the .deb package.

Download the “Veeam Agent for Linux FREE” from here.

Access the download link in your browser and run


in your downloads folder on your Ubuntu.

Then install with:

sudo apt install /home/user/downloads/veeam-release-deb_*.*.*_amd**.deb/


sudo apt update & sudo apt install veeam
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pre and post script for veeam MongoDB backups

Create an and script to be run before and after a veeam backup of your ubuntu machine runs and will shutdown MongoDB and your webservice (myservice) using the MongoDB before the backup and start it again after the backup has finished. For example:

systemctl stop myservice
systemctl stop mongod
exit 0


systemctl start mongod
systemctl start myservice
exit 0

I highly recommend proper error handling – here handover error codes from systemctl commands.

Select the path to the shell scripts like this:
veeam job setup enable scripts

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