How to pad string with zeroes & right-justify in bash using sed

Pad any string using this sed command:

sed -e :a -e 's/^.\{1,3\}$/0&/;ta'

This pads every string to length 4, usage example:

$ echo x | sed -e :a -e 's/^.\{1,3\}$/0&/;ta'

In case you want to pad to a different length, replace 3 in the script by (your desired length - 1).

You can also use a bash function like this:

# Zero pad to length 4, right-justified
function zero_pad4 { echo $1 | sed -e :a -e 's/^.\{1,3\}$/0&/;ta' ; }

Usage example:

$ zero_pad4 1x

Original source, modified: The Unix School


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How to convert a DVI file to SVG on the command line

If you want to convert my.dvi to my.svg, use this command

dvi2ps my.dvi | ps2eps - > my.eps && eps2svg my.eps

This produces my.svg – note that if my.svg already exists, eps2svg will create my_1.svg, my_2.svg and so on and will not overwrite my.svg!

You can also use this shell function:

function dviToSVG { dvi2ps "$1" | ps2eps - > "${1%.*}.eps" && eps2svg "${1%.*}.eps" "${1%.*}.svg" ; }

Usage example:

dviToSVG my.dvi # Produces my.svg


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How to recompress gzipped .gz files to .xz files on Linux

Copy and paste this shell function into your bash or zsh:

function gzToXz { zcat "$1" | xz -c - -ev9 > "${1%.*}.xz" ; }

This will decompress the file using zcat and pipe it into xz with the highest compression setting (-ev9). If you prefer less compression but more speed, use e.g. -5 instead of -ev9.

Use like this:

gzToXz my.gz

which will produce my.xz.

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git svn: Clone latest revision only


You want to use git-svn to clone a SVN repository, but you don’t want to clone the entire history (which can be quite slow) but only the latest revision.

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Shell: Strip directory from path


In the Linux shell, you have  a file path and you want to strip everything but the filename, for example  you have the path ../images/photo.jpg  and want only photo.jpg

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