How to fix Platform IO “No tasks to run found. Configure tasks…”

If you see this message while trying to run a PlatformIO task like Build or Upload:

No tasks to run found. Configure tasks...

you can fix that easily: Open Preferences: Open settings (JSON) in Visual Studio code (the default keybinding to open the action menu is Ctrl+Shift+P).

Then look for this line:

"task.autoDetect": "off"

and delete it.

Now save the file. You can immediately run PlatformIO tasks after saving settings.json without restarting Visual Studio Code !

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mbed STM32F4DISCOVERY simple LED demo

This demo shows you how to control the STM32F4DISCOVERY LEDs using mbed.
I use mbed from inside PlatformIO.

#include <mbed.h>

DigitalOut greenLED(PD_12);
DigitalOut orangeLED(PD_13);
DigitalOut redLED(PD_14);
DigitalOut blueLED(PD_15);

int main() {
  while(1) {
    // Cycle LEDs in order
    // NOTE: You can toggle a LED using
    //  blueLED = !blueLED;
    blueLED = 0;
    greenLED = 1;
    greenLED = 0;
    orangeLED = 1;
    orangeLED = 0;
    redLED = 1;
    redLED = 0;
    blueLED = 1;


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